Opinion: Nursing homes closing would be tragic, Hannawa Falls man says
Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 10:47 am

In response to the NCN story “United Helpers CEO says nursing homes in jeopardy of closing without state aid” which appeared online May 20: The thought of our nursing home closing is really a nightmare. I have a wife with Alzheimer’s who has been a resident for the past 6 and one-half years.

She has gotten the most wonderful care and I myself, until this pandemic, have personally gone every day to feed her lunch and to see her. This all stopped March 13, and I am so glad that United Helpers took the steps to close the doors to visitors prior to the state mandate.

A really intelligent move on the part of management. My wife is safe and though she no longer knows me, I am able to Facetime with her a couple times a week thanks to the dedicated staff.

I might add they are underpaid and overworked but not through the fault of management but the funding Steve Knight refers too. If these nursing homes fail due to lack of funds to support in this crisis is will be tragic. We old folks might as well all die off and relieve the burden on the next generation as there as is no way we can cope with out the care our love ones are given in these facilities.

You have to be in this situation to truly understand the need and burden that dementia cause. I can only hope that people will step up and show some concern for this problem. I have myself been in isolation since the last time I saw my wife in person.

I sure don’t want to just give up but it makes you wonder is it all worth it in the world we are experiencing today.

Seth E. Chichester

Hannawa Falls