Opinion: Massena Town Council candidate vows to restore transparency, trust, truth
Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 6:52 am

Transparency, truth, and trust. That is the foundation of this campaign and the real issue facing the voters this fall.

Do we allow ourselves to continue to be governed by a board of one, (that one being Town Supervisor Steve O’Shaughnessy) whose actions have been less than transparent, have proven to be untruthful, and has eroded the trust of this community?

A board of one who, when faced with opposition, abuses his authority and reshapes our governing boards and committees to his liking? A board of one who negotiates backdoor deals, convenes special meetings, or cowers behind closed-door executive sessions? A board of one who, when confronted with questions, refuses to answer and/or requires the citizenry to file freedom of information requests? And finally - a board of one who, when faced with criticism from those he represents, responds with insults and then restricts or denies citizens their First Amendment rights?

We must restore transparency, truth and trust to our Town Board! Massena needs a Town Board comprised of those who will do the people’s business in an open and honest manner: who will listen freely and give a fair shake to opposing viewpoints.

We expect our Town Board to respect and honor their responsibility to vote the will of those who elected them, and finally, provide appropriate checks and balances to abusive behavior and authority.

Transparency, truth, and trust. These are the foundational elements which create a greater and brighter future for our community; the cornerstone to any honest and productive relationship.

I pledge to work to reestablish these in Massena’s Town Board. Join me in cementing this cornerstone this election.

Bob Elsner

Massena Town Council candidate