Opinion: Let’s take our city back and ‘make it great again,' Ogdensburg woman says
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 8:38 am

To the Editor:

I am writing this in responds to the front page article “O’Burg Says No to Home Retail Shops” which appeared in the June 30 – July 6 issue of North Country This Week: Not a surprise that they said no. The city government here doesn't want a damn thing in this city. They are letting us die a slow painful death.

It is so sad what is happening here, and we the people should have a say in all decisions made, not just city government who don't know anything. That is quite clear to see.

There is no reason they can't approve that request. We need a citizens’ counsel to see to our interest and to have a say in all decisions made for this city.

Like how they spent money on new banners -- which we don't need and according to city government we have no money for. It is very clear that our government and the so-called mayor have no clue what they are doing and how to spend money wisely.

All our city government is doing is running everyone out of this town. We are going to be a ghost town if we don't get the right city government in place.

There should be no closed meetings of any kind, this is our city not the city governments city our tax dollars pay them, we are their boss. They are running us into the ground for God sake. We don't have crap here. They offer the movie house and then turn it down.

They do not have our interest at heart, only theirs.

I cannot believe we are broke. Where did it all go? Look at the sewer and water bills they collect, the taxes are out of control. All the things we have to pay for, that we shouldn't. You know why we don't have any money? Because they spend it stupid; two and don't know how to handle money.

There are too many things wrong here that need to be changed. People have every right to get in there and see all documents -- anything that concerns this city should be public.

Come on people lets take back our city and make it ‘ again, instead of letting city government run everyone out. Let’s find out what they are hiding.

It is our city, let’s be proud enough to take it over for our own good. Stand up and be heard people of, Ogdensburg, isn't it time we did something to stop them from running us into the ground.


Valerie Shaver