Opinion: Legislator needs to step down following social media post, says Massena man
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 7:43 am


Rita Curran should step down. The fact that she shared a post on her personal Facebook page makes no difference.

If she didn't want it to be public, she should make her personal page private and have a public page for her position as legislator. The fact that this is debated and that the Republicans state that this is a free speech matter is ridiculous. We as people in the community give up some rights on public land, such as when we go on to school zones or the court houses. The same applies to people in public office.

It is compounded by her using the excuse that she has Muslim friends and therefore cannot be xenophobic. Just ridiculous.

She posted to Facebook and anti-Muslim meme. The first amendment gives people the right to religious freedom.

Rita Curran is a xenophobe and should step down. Full stop.

Jeffry Wilson