Opinion: Jenne helped salvage non-functioning boiler, Potsdam residents say
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 7:46 am

We are expressing our thanks to Addie Jennie and personnel in her Canton office, Judy and Ryan, for helping us through a very difficult situation involving an improperly installed NYSERDA wood boiler. Working with the state agency became impossible.

We stood to lose a significant amount of money and we couldn’t seem to get anyone in the organization to actually fix the engineering errors in spite of all our efforts. We sent out a significant number of letters and made phone calls to various government agencies seeking help.

Addie Jennie and her staff were the only ones who took action on our pleas and actually came to our home to discuss with us the three and a half year struggle we were engaged in over this non-functioning boiler.

Without any fanfare or publicity she took her role as a representative seriously and moved NYSERDA to take responsibility and correct their problem.

This October marks the fourth year that the wood boiler has been in our lives. After a summer of hectic activity and modification made to our residence, we are pleased to say we are now using the boiler to heat our home. It has been operational now for three weeks and it seems like it is going to be okay.

As two retirees, no words can express the relief we feel in salvaging our investment. Needless to say, Addie has a gracious thank you from us and you can also bet she has our vote in her bid for re-election to the State Assembly.

Thank you Addie!

Pat and Dave Lennox