Opinion: Hopkinton has eerie, deathly look
Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 9:07 am


To the Editor:

I drove through Hopkinton the other day. It had an eerie, deathly look. Field after field of corn with areas of scorched, brown leaves and between the rows of corn and along the guardrails was the unnatural color of chemically killed vegetation.

Now, it doesn't take a wind turbine scientist to figure out that soaking a significant percentage of the countryside with toxic chemicals every year is having a devastating effect on the environment and on human health.

I can walk around my yard with an eye on the abundant clover blossoms for days before I see even one honey bee and only a few wild bees.

Maybe the wind turbine people could now turn their attention to bigger, more urgent problems. I am not saying the wind turbine issue wasn't important. Don't sit back and relax. Keep up the good work!

Timothy Martin