Opinion: Foreign exchange students misguided over protest, former Massena town supervisor says
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 9:58 am

The local media and their partners in crime - the Democratic Party, Mark Bellardini, Mike Zagrobelny, the liberal elitists at the universities in Potsdam and Canton - continue their daily attacks on County Legislator Rita Curran.

Now the Watertown Daily Times is trotting out Muslim foreign exchange students from bastions of women's rights like Afghanistan and Senegal to tell us that Ms. Curran in a "racist" (Islam is a religion, not a race last time I checked), should be punished and should resign.

Well who the hell are these people to make arbitrary decisions about what is right and wrong?

Women in the two aforementioned countries have little liberty and almost no rights as human beings. In the eyes of most men in these countries women exist to make babies, pleasure men and cook them meals.

The two students mentioned in this article need to be reminded of a few things:

• You are guests in our country

• You are here because of American generosity

• You are being afforded opportunities here that are only fantasies in your own countries.

• You enjoy freedoms here that can only be imagined by women in your native lands.

• Far too many Muslims do not see your religion as one of peace

• Far too many Muslims tolerate the radical element that gives their religion a bad name

• Far too many Muslims support and tolerate extremist conditions like arranged marriages, sharia law and honor killings

• Far too many of the world's troubled and war-torn areas are in a state of chaos because of different interpretations of Islam or clashes between non-Muslim people and those misguided wackos who think we should all be Muslim

So, to the NYS and St. Lawrence County Democratic Party and the Young Democrats, spare us your righteous indignation. Pull up your big girl and boy pants and realize that people have different opinions than yours.

If you don't like them, too bad.

Freedom and democracy sometimes get messy and are not real attractive. Deal with it.

Find something more productive to do with your time than marching and protesting. Pick up some roadside litter, teach a kid to read, get a job.

Most importantly, embrace freedom and democracy. Fight and condemn cultural intolerance in places like Senegal and Afghanistan.

And realize that you're not always right, sometimes it's best to just sit down and shut up.

Joe Gray