Opinion: Family thankful for support following death of Colton man
Friday, March 8, 2019 - 6:53 am

In loving memory of Devin M. Berger of Colton,

We want to thank our community, friends, and relatives for providing support to us during a difficult time. We were given endless amounts of kindness.

The love and sympathy you have shown, the generosity, time, and donations will always be cherished. We want to offer you a sincere thank you for the compassion you have shown. It still continues to be of great comfort.

A special thank you goes to Buck Funeral Home, Lee Sweeney, and the Knapp Station Community Church.

Please continue to keep the memories you have of Devin alive and always in your thoughts!

With love,

Hannah Latham, Brantley Berger, Mary and Todd Phillips and our families