Opinion: Endorsements of candidates from only one party are worthless, Waddington man says
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 8:27 am

To the Editor:

When someone releases a list of endorsements and every single candidate they endorse is from the same party, that tells me those endorsements are worthless.

Just like there is good and bad in every race and religion, I believe there is good and bad in every political party.

Frankly, in my opinion if you don’t believe that, you’re part of the problem.

I don’t know enough about everyone running for office next week, but there are a few races, I feel very comfortable commenting on.

The people of Ogdensburg and some of its outlying areas would be fortunate to be represented on the county legislature by Jim Reagen. The only person in our region who may have had more knowledge on political matters and more care for Ogdensburg in their heart recently passed away. It’s a shame Chuck won’t be here to see you get sworn in and give you crap the first time you do something he disagrees with.

Shawna Cecot would be a great representative for the people in the 15th district, which includes Waddington, Louisville, and possibly some other outlying areas. She is a long-time small business owner who would bring decades of business and budgeting experience to the board.

In Madrid and the surrounding area stretching to parts of Potsdam and Canton, people would be fortunate to be represented by Kaitlin Tyndall. Ms. Tyndall returned to the area after college and will work diligently to ensure other people can do the same. I must also say, I love seeing young people involved in their communities and local government. I believe governing bodies should be a diverse representation of the community and not just a group of people who can all check the same box on their census forms.

Lastly I believe the people of District 3, which includes Morristown, as well as parts of the towns of Oswegatchie and Canton, including Rensselaer Falls would be well-served by Michael S. Hammond, who for the past two years has served as the mayor of Rensselaer Falls, with time on the board prior to that as a regular trustee. Mr. Hammond is actually a registered member of the Conservative party, running as a Democrat, which could potentially place him in the unique position as being the voice of reason when partisan politics undoubtedly rears its ugly head.

I could write more, but I doubt at this point anyone is still reading this anyways.

Regardless of who you vote for though, get out and vote, make your voice count. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

And for the record, that’s me offering support to one Republican, one Conservative and two Democrats. I only wish I could actually cast my vote for each of the fine men and women mentioned above.

Benny Fairchild