Opinion: Don’t ever forget events of 9/11, says Canton resident
Friday, May 10, 2019 - 8:07 am

I was stunned when I read of the Democratic Committee of St. Lawrence County's severe criticism of the St Law Board of Legislatures member who posted the we will never forget and the picture of the World Trade Center attack.

I must write to applaud the member and also Joseph Lightfoot for refusing to bow to their objection! It just strengthens my belief that the Democratic party is no longer just a rival political party but a very dangerous enemy.

Those Democrats were not on that plane. They were not strapped in a seat unable to run or escape or even to talk to someone, the pilots were dead, they had the horror of seeing American women, stewardesses mauled into submission by foreign terrorists and their throats slit with razor blades (a box cutter is nothing but a fancy razor blade with a handle)

The horror they felt as they plummeted in a multi-ton coffin of aluminum towards a huge brick, steel and concrete obstacle in their path at 5 or 6 hundred miles per hour. Then the blow that destroyed their being, that one moment they felt the horrible blow. Those Democrats were not sitting at a desk working in those towers when in a split second their faces were shredded by shards of glass, their bodies mangled from physical contact, their lungs screaming with pain trying to suck oxygen from the noxious fumes and smoke, the fire burning their clothes and the skin off their bodies.

They weren't there as rescue workers, placing them selves in life threatening situations as they worked to save as many persons as they could. They didn't have families picking up a phone hearing that their sons and daughters and relatives and wives and husbands and lovers were trapped in a flaming inferno hundreds of feet above the ground with no escape, not knowing if they were ever seeing them again.

This senseless slaughter by maniacs that were allowed to enter our country, loyal to a false religion and rulers that rule by horror and torture and fear!

Members of the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislatures, don't budge one inch, hell, don't budge even a tenth of one millimeter.

You are damned right we will never forget!

I hope on election days that my countryman will not forget what the “democraps” are doing to our nation.

Alden J. and Ilah Mae Durant