Opinion: Donate or have your name printed to keep Canton roads safe, insurance company says
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 6:46 am

In response to “Resident Raises Traffic Flow Concerns” which appeared in the Oct. 3-9 issue of North Country This Week: Instead of studying this matter forever or until something happens to someone as a result of the speed issue — let’s obtain signs and cameras and when the speed limit is exceeded by even one mile per hour, the village would send a letter to the owner of the vehicle asking for a donation to maintain traffic safety enforcement in the village.

Okay, they might throw the letter away, but after a date set in the letter with no response, the names of such vehicle owners would be listed in North Country Now along with other traffic items listed in that publication.

MacFadden Dier-Leonard Insurance would be happy to help with the cost related to the implementation of this effort.

William P. Collins

MacFadden Dier-Leonard Insurance, Canton