Opinion: Do away with St. Lawrence County legislature, Waddington resident says
Monday, January 21, 2019 - 9:23 am

When former Gov. David A. Paterson (who was legally blind and a ‘black’ man) was getting ready to leave office as governor of NY, he was thinking of us, the ordinary people living here who were paying high taxes and how he could help us — the ones who hadn’t left the state yet.

So he commissioned the Camoin group who did a thorough study to determine how we, the citizens, could save tax dollars while at the same time costing us millions for the study, which should not go to waste unimplemented.

The study determined the only way we could save tax dollar was to do away with county legislatures and village governments that we have in NY, that other states do not have.

I’ve gone to St. Lawrence County Legislature meetings at least twice, giving them that information, asking them to dissolve themselves. Many of us in St. Lawrence County can no longer afford them — not do we need them — and that was before they raised their salaries.

Now Joe and Kevin are taking turns being chairman. Which, when I consider their backgrounds and present status, find it incredible that this is the case. So is this some kind of silly children’s game?

I can remember when the legislature came into being. It seemed to me that they were appointing people who they felt should be acknowledged for their standing in society. So there is no doubt in my mind that we will not only survive without them, but will help a lot of people provide for people in their care by not having to pay those extra taxes.

When Joe and Kevin say they saved us money last year and will save us even more this year, I think they should ask themselves if we taxpayers would save even more if they and the rest of the legislature are no longer there.

Won’t we have even better government if the local town supervisor, who lives among the people they represent, will be in a position to do an even better job?

This letter applies to Jefferson, Lewis and other counties around NY.

Barbara Sequin Doe