Opinion: Dissolve village to give town chance to thrive, says Morristown resident
Friday, June 8, 2018 - 7:53 am

To the Editor:

Although I have been following the development of the dissolution study and agree with the results, I cannot vote on this issue because I am a legal resident elsewhere. Like many village residents, I pay taxes on my real property here.

I have to trust that my Morristown village neighbors will do the right thing. I believe the right thing is to join the town and village. The voters of Edwards, Herman and Harrisville have all voted to give their communities a chance to thrive.

Morristown is projected to have a 60 percent tax savings. I believe that Morristown should have a thriving center and be a charming and historic destination. It can be if we shift the downward trend to an upright position.

It is “not right” that the village residents pay so much more for the same benefits the town uses freely and for free. While we all agree life is not fair, this is ridiculous. Renters, who are legal residents should also see a benefit due to their landlord's lowered expenses and the improved economic outlook for the new, combined Morristown.

Please give this community, that we all love so much, a chance for future prosperity.

Suzanne Boyer