Opinion: Cobb will address concerns and questions truthfully, says former North Country Children's Clinic CEO
Friday, June 8, 2018 - 7:51 am

To the Editor:

I met Tedra Cobb 18 years ago in Canton. at the initial 21st Century Project session hosted by the Northern NY Community Foundation. Tedra was sitting in the midst of many powerful, community leaders (mostly men) from Lewis, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties. Tedra was nursing her infant son. She smiled at me. I was in awe of her obvious comfort engaging in this natural, maternal activity that often sends men scurrying for the nearest cloak room! Later that day, I was even more impressed by this North Country native's knowledge of our region: its strengths, human needs and economic opportunities.

Tedra, so intelligent and articulate as she spoke of our many assets and needs, quickly caught the attention of the many businessmen, educators, planners, healthcare providers, clergy and human resource advocates. You see, we were together that day to try to improve the lives of all of our rural and small-town residents!

Years later, because of her many attributes, particularly her seriousness and caring, Tedra was elected to represent her St. Lawrence County neighbors on their Board. As a Legislator, she worked hard for nine busy years.

As Director on the Board of North Country Children's Clinic Tedra became more aware of the gaps in healthcare services. Later she would lead a health care agency.

While serving on various boards, Tedra identified the need for stronger management skills in the community. So aspiring, Tedra started a successful Management Consulting business.

Unlike our present Congresswoman, Tedra believes that all residents have a right to ongoing, quality, affordable healthcare, not JUST healthcare for those who can afford to pay dearly for the privilege. She believes in a “hand up” not a “hand out” when folks have fallen on hard times.

Tedra wants well-paying jobs for everyone across the 21st District, not just a fortunate few. She believes that strong, healthy families are an integral part of thriving communities. Tedra believes in a strong military, including active duty and retired military and their families, who deserve our respect and support every day.

Ms. Cobb “listens” to all of us, not just those select few that Ms Stefanik hand-picks. Tedra is honest! She'll address your questions and concerns truthfully. She will represent us well!

Please support Tedra Cobb with donations and your vote on June 26.

Janice L Charles

Retired CEO, former North Country Children's Clinic, Inc.