Opinion: Cobb offers heartfelt concern over constituents, says Madrid resident
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - 11:16 am

To the Editor:

I wish to let you know why I am supporting and helping Tedra Cobb who is running to be our next Representative in Washington D.C.

I was fortunate to get to know Tedra when she ran for St. Lawrence County Legislator. I volunteered to help with whatever I could do. Well to my surprise she accepted my offer and what an experience I had! I learned how much she cared about her constituents.

I took her canvassing throughout our entire district, meeting residents regardless of their voter registration. Of all the people we visited very few did not want to listen to why and what she wanted to do.

At times when I thought we were done, Tedra would say we had just begun. She meant we still had to dive into finding the answers to questions and what may possibly be done.

Tedra impressed all; with her knowledge, personality and her drive to become an advocate for all and to learn answers she did not know. Tedra is from the true North Country. From her life experience, she knows how destitute some people are and how much help we need.

I was pleased to hear that Tedra was running for Congress. I can tell all, the one huge difference between Stefanik and Tedra is Tedra's interest in meeting with her constituents with heartfelt concern. In the many years I have been involved in politics, I have never seen any candidate like Elise Stefanik who avoids all the meetings with her constituents she can.

Much of Stefanik's contacts are via phone or radio or TV appearances. How can you know what people need and want without meeting them personally? Stefanik votes almost all the time with her fellow Republicans and from what I can see votes against them only when she knows the measure will pass without hers, to make it look good to her Congressional District 21 Constituents.

I wish to remind people of the June 26, 2018 Primary for Democrats to select our candidate for House of Representatives, and I hope you will agree with me and vote for Tedra Cobb.

Bill Tyndall