Opinion: Cobb favors improving health care system, says Canton man
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 7:48 am

As a 78 year-old cancer survivor, I would like to share my views on the idea of Medicare for all, a hot topic in the current congressional campaign.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer. For eight weeks I underwent radiation treatments five times per week and chemotherapy weekly.

My treatments were interrupted by an internal bleeding episode that required an emergency airlift to Plattsburgh. The costs of these treatments and related medical services were enormous. Medicare and supplemental insurance through the AARP paid almost all my expenses.

Medicare saved my life in two ways... my cancer was cured, and my life's savings including my home and small business property were protected.

In the current congressional campaign, Elise Stefanik is loyal to the political party in power that is determined to repeal the existing Affordable Care Act and reduce Medicare and other safety net programs including Social Security.

Cobb favors improving the existing health care system and is open to the idea of Medicare for all, where a tried and proven administrative system is already in place and working.

My experience leads me to believe this is the most efficient and sensible way to go. Obviously, I will be voting for Tedra Cobb.

Richard Grover