Opinion: Cobb does right thing even when no one is looking, says Canton resident
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 7:47 am

I was taught that the definition of a good person is one who does the right thing, even when no one is looking. That definition fits Tedra Cobb right down to the ground.

Our Amish neighbors here in the North Country are largely part of a very conservative community of Old Order Amish who adhere strictly to their beliefs. Their first language is an obscure German dialect. They educate their children in their own schools, but pay school taxes. They use few public benefits, but pay property taxes.

They pay sales tax on purchases. What they do not do is vote. They never take part in our electoral process. No politicians knock on their doors. Nobody in power owes them any favors.

When children of a local Amish family became seriously ill, there was a conflict between religious beliefs and technology. Machines that would allow the children to be home with their family needed electricity and specialized wiring.

Not something that these folks could use, due to the strict tenets of their faith. Tedra heard about her neighbors’ plight and spoke with the family and others already involved. And she helped formulate a plan with the family and their community.

Her husband, Scott, an electrician, would work on the electrical tech stuff. The needed equipment and system would cost money that this family didn’t have. Tedra reached out to those of us in her network of friends and colleagues.

We were happy to help. Because Tedra explained the plan without breaching the family’s privacy, and what was needed.

But understand this: Tedra was out of office, having decided not to run for county legislature again years before. She wasn’t in politics at this point in her life. She was busy with her family, her business, and her community. She took a great deal of time and effort to help because she saw a need.

She did it to help neighbors. And she did it in cooperation with all parties. Quietly doing an exceptional service and allowing others to participate with dignity.

I will be extremely proud to say that Tedra is my representative.

Anne Monck