Opinion: City dog returns to owner in back of pickup truck, says Colton visitor
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 5:45 am

To the Editor:

Last week while visiting Mike Owen on Irish Settlement Road, my dog, Lucy, ran off. She has always stayed close to me in the past, so I wasn’t keeping a close eye on her. I didn’t notice that she was gone for 10 minutes or so.

Mike and I called her and called her but nothing. We rode around in the car calling her and calling her. She’s a city dog, and I knew she was really lost. I was so afraid she’d be lost in the woods as night approached. I was so afraid she’d be hit by a car if she was on the road.

We felt so, so helpless. How could we find her after more than an hour and a half had passed? She could be anywhere but seemed to be nowhere. I decided to go door to door on Irish Settlement Road — just in case anyone had seen her or might see her later.

At each house, everyone I spoke with assured me that they would call me if they saw her. As we continued house to house, I mentioned to Mike that something unexpected was happening. Although I felt and believed I was beyond reach, each person I spoke with, one after the other, was more than willing to watch out for Lucy. They were openly empathetic and loving. I was so moved and comforted.

As dusk turned closer to darkness, two men in a pickup truck pulled up the driveway. A little furry white head popped into view. I’ll never forget that moment. The gentleman driving had come across Lucy miles away on Rt. 24 from home, picked her up and drove her right to Mike's house.

With Mike’s support and the support of this profoundly caring community, a very close call turned into a blessed ending. Please accept my endless gratitude.

Christie Black and Lucy

Visiting in Colton