Opinion: Being liberal means having a caring heart, Lisbon man says
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 8:13 am

At 68 and a life-long Republican I believed in financial responsibility in government. The government should use our taxes to help those in need while limiting waste.

Republican leadership in the White House and Congress has lost sight of these responsibilities. In FY18 the budget deficit increased 17% to $779 billion largely due to the corporate tax cut that benefited the top 1%.

After signing the tax cut Trump told his rich friends,"You all just got a lot richer." Did you get richer? Well first of all you have to be rich to start with and most of us, the 99%, are not.

The tax law change gives low-income only a 0.8% and middle-income 1.5% increase in after-taxes income. The high-income get a 3.8% increase.

Concerned about the skyrocketing deficit the Republican leadership wants to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. This cut will impact lower and middle income Americans; many of whom are our friends, neighbors and family members here in the North Country.

During my 33 years in the Army I have seen both all types of leaders. Mr. Trump demonstrates repeatedly his poor leadership skills. He demeans, lies, bullies, and stirs up hostility leading to further polarization of our country and the world.

Now in the final hours before the mid-term elections and facing possible loss of the majority in Congress, Trump is using scare tactics to imply a few thousand Central American migrants seeking a better life are about to invade.

Almost all of us are descendents of immigrants looking for a better life; even Trump. He is claiming there will be another middle-class tax cut announced before the election but Congress is not in session. After trying unsuccessfully for two years to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Trump and Republicans running for reelection are chanting they will protect your insurability if you have preexisting conditions which we will all have someday. Empty election promises to get your vote.

Trump uses “liberals” as if it were a dirty word. They are “low-life total-losers” or any number of derogatory names he uses. A liberal is an American who cares about and does something to help our fellow citizens who despite their own efforts need a helping hand. You don’t have to be a Democrat to be liberal. All you need is a caring heart. Be a liberal Republican.

David Bolesh