Opinion: Ask senators to approve NYS Health Act, says Norwood resident
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 7:53 am

To the Editor:

This letter is to inform readers that there is legislation pending in Albany that would create a single payer health care system in New York State. It is called the New York Health Care Act A 4738.

Every resident of New York would be able to receive free health care and it may include vision and dental care.

No more deductibles, co-pays or accelerating premiums. All medications needed would be provided.

No more denial of coverage due to type of insurance you have.

It would be paid for by an income tax, based on ability to pay. However, studies have shown that most people would be paying much less than they do now for health care.

It is well known that the American health care system is less efficient than in any other developed country. Twice as much is spent on medical care with worse results and lower life expectancy. Americans spend at least three times as much on prescription medications as do Canadians or Europeans. This is because instead of money going directly to purchase medical care, it is spent on profit and administrative costs of for profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Two of my immediate family members just died horrible, atrocious and avoidable deaths due to the wealth care industry that we have now.

The New York State Health Act recently passed the Assembly for the third time. It now needs to pass the New York State Senate and only two more votes are needed.

The vote is coming up soon, probably June 2. Please call Sen. Griffo at 518-455-3334 and ask him to vote yes for the New York Health Act.

If you are not sure who your senator is, you can call 518-455-4100 in Albany and they will connect you to the appropriate person.

The vote is coming up very soon, so please do not hesitate to call. For more information you can check nyhcampaign.org. Thank you very much.

Laura Potts