Dinner raises $2,000 for Potsdam playground
Friday, April 6, 2018 - 10:38 am

To the Editor:

The PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion Project Committee would like to express its’ sincere appreciation to Larci Collins and the Potsdam Elks Lodge #2074 for their support and generous donation of food and staff for our delicious spaghetti dinner fundraiser on March 15.

The dinner raised $2,002 to benefit the construction of a pavilion on the LAE playground. The Elks Lodge also hosted our Paint & Sip with Wilson Bickford fundraiser, in which $1,000 was raised for the pavilion fund. Thanks to all the people who purchased spaghetti dinners and attended the painting event.

Both events were outstanding successes due to the generosity of the families here in the Potsdam area who really opened their wallets and their hearts to raise funds to provide a sheltered area on the LAE playground. Many thanks to the gentlemen of the ADG Karma Fraternity who made deliveries, washed dishes, and held signs out in the bitter cold to attract more customers!

Special thanks to the following High School students who shared their musical talents to entertain us- Bella Sanderson, Michael Amell, Rainar Anderson, Ryan Hayes, and Jared Pitts. Sincere appreciation to the many helping hands of our pavilion committee- Kitty Smith, Deb Gordon, Beth Chambers Barney, Natalie Fiacco, Heather Snell, Elaine Driscoll, Patty Gagnon, Sarah Towler, Sue Corbett, Theresa Fisher, and Jenn Gray. These events could never happen without your dedication!

The Neighborhood Pavilion Project's mission is to build a place to promote community activities, bring people together, and provide a safe space for families to gather all year round. The opportunities for this unique gathering place are endless and will be available to all in our community…including you and your family. However, we need your help to make our fundraising effort go even further.

If you would like to make a donation to help us achieve our mission and construct a pavilion:

• Make a donation online at Northern New York Community Foundation at nnycf.org and designate the PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion Project as the recipient.

• Make a check payable to the PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion Project and mail to PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion, 29 Leroy Street, Potsdam, NY 13676

• Call the PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion Committee at 315-265-2000

Tina Parker and Penni Varney

Co-Chairs of the PEOF Neighborhood Pavilion Project