SUNY Canton's Sullivan Academy graduates class of 8 new police officers
Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 1:46 pm

From left are Joshua J. Rose, Lindsey M. Landphere, Leah M. Alestra, Dylan M. Johnston, Nathan Senick-Albanese, Mason M. Maitland, Andrew D. Layng and Nathan B. Sheen at their graduation. Photo submitted by SUNY Canton

CANTON -- The David Sullivan Law Enforcement Academy at SUNY Canton recently celebrated its 24th graduation ceremony, recognizing a class of eight graduates.

Officers who graduated in the 2019 class include:

• Leah M. Alestra became an officer at Norfolk Police Department. Alestra received the Director's 110% award.

• Andrew D. Layng became an officer at the Ogdensburg Police Department.

• Lindsey M. Landphere became an officer at the Canton Police Department. Landphere received the best overall David Sullivan Award and a fitness award.

• Joshua J. Rose became an officer at the Canton Police Department. Rose received the top shot award and the emergency vehicle operations course award.

• Nathan B. Sheen became an officer at Gouverneur Police Department.

• Nathan Senick-Albanese became a deputy for the St. Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Senick-Albanese received the overall academic award.

At the graduation ceremony, cadets were sworn in as officers of their sponsoring agency.

"From this day forward, you will be addressed as law enforcement officers," said Nathan Senick-Albanese, who was the class president. "Only a small portion of what you do will be enforcing the law. You will help people change flat tires by the side of the road. You will be heroes by performing those seemingly small acts benefiting the communities you serve."

Members of the class thanked Academy Director Joseph Brown and the more than 70 law enforcement instructors who contributed to their experience. "The expert instruction provided by area agencies allowed us to grow into the professionals we are about to become," he said.

SUNY Canton's law enforcement training includes two phases. The first phase provides pre-employment training in skills required to become a police officer. Cadets complete courses in emergency medical services, community policing and defensive tactics. Those cadets who have been hired as a police officer can then complete phase two. Topics covered include police arrest techniques, firearms and counterterrorism training.

The Sullivan Academy is one of the few law enforcement academies in New York State to offer comprehensive training specifically designed for North Country agencies.