SUNY Canton announces Fall 2019 President's List with more than 250 St. Lawrence County students
Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 11:53 am

CANTON -- SUNY Canton has recognized more than 250 students from St. Lawrence County for earning academic honors on the fall 2019 semester’s President’s List.

President's List Honors are awarded to full-time students who achieve a 3.75 or greater grade point average.

Students recognized are:

Delaney Dow, Applied Psychology, Brasher Falls

Benjamin R Horner, Criminal Justice, Brasher Falls

Christina M Adams, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Canton

Emma M Bortnick, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Canton

Emma Duffany, Nursing, Canton

Alexa Luther, Criminal Justice, Canton

Emily Rexford, Applied Psychology, Canton

Abigail E Savage, Veterinary Technology, Canton

Gabrielle Durant, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Chase Mills

Andrea Bonno, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Colton

Brett M St Germain, Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership, Colton

Collin Trathen, Mechatronics Technology, DePeyster

Forest B Hathaway, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology, Fine

Erica Briggs, Finance, Gouverneur

Cortney L Brunet, Health Care Management, Gouverneur

Conagher Buckmaster, Engineering Science 2+2, Gouverneur

Emily L Farrell, Applied Psychology, Gouverneur

Emily R McGregor, Individual Studies, Gouverneur

Alexis K Sheen, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Gouverneur

Daniel S Whitton, Mechatronics Technology, Gouverneur

Alyssa R Fisher, Game Design and Development, Hammond

Evelyn Brooks, Health Care Management, Hannawa Falls

Cole Murray, Construction Technology: Management, Hannawa Falls

Ethan Fowler, Sustainable Energy Technology, Harrisville

Anna E Teal, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Harrisville

Amber L Williams, Health Care Management, Heuvelton

Brayden White, Legal Studies, Hogansburg

Donica M Robinson, Early Childhood Care and Management, Lisbon

Carson Smith, Construction Technology: Management, Lisbon

Carly Amo, Criminal Investigation, Massena

Danielle A Eggleston, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Massena

Francesca Lamina, Physical Therapist Assistant, Massena

Ayanna D Mason, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Massena

Devin Page, Homeland Security, Massena

Abigail R Shearer, Finance, Massena

Diane M Shearer, Finance, Massena

Emily Witkop, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Massena

Ellen L Deshaw, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nicholville

Elizabeth A Arquette, Health Care Management, North Lawrence

Alexander E French, Game Design and Development, North Lawrence

Brittany Monica, Health Care Management, Norwood

Chora Young, Management, Norwood

Ethan S Bonewell, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Andee Farrand, Early Childhood, Ogdensburg

Allen Fisher, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Breanna M Hacia, Physical Therapist Assistant, Ogdensburg

ElizaJane I Hamilton, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Cole Piercey, HVAC Engineering Technology, Ogdensburg

Danielle N St Denis, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Emily Janke, Individual Studies, Parishville

Eric J Leroux, Homeland Security, Parishville

Emma-Lee Frary, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Potsdam

Brittany Taylor, Homeland Security, Potsdam

Darcel Downing, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Rensselaer Falls

Cayden Emerson, Engineering Science 2+2, Rensselaer Falls

Charles R Clark III, Liberal Arts-General Studies, Waddington

Dylan T Bradley, Information Technology, West Stockholm

Hailey M Collins, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Colton

Hannah M Grant, Information Technology, Madrid

Heather L Worden, Health Care Management, Ogdensburg

Holly M Aschenbrenner, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Jacob T Bero, Electrical Engineering Technology, Hogansburg

James A Gibson, Criminal Investigation, Ogdensburg

Jason H Crump, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, North Lawrence

Jeffrey Dollinger, Finance, Rensselaer Falls

Jennifer L Hay, Applied Psychology, Gouverneur

Jillian R O'Brien, Nursing, Lisbon

Jocelyn Fifield, Health Care Management, Ogdensburg

Johanna L Velasquez Garcia, Applied Psychology, Canton

John J Frick, Game Design and Development, Potsdam

John D Meyers, Criminal Justice, Potsdam

Jon R Tayler, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Jonah R Black, Criminal Investigation, Canton

Jordan R Miller, Health and Fitness Promotion, Ogdensburg

Jordan J Snyder, Criminal Investigation, Ogdensburg

Jori K Rourke, Management, Hogansburg

Joseph Love, Construction Technology: Management, Gouverneur

Joseph M Schirmer, Liberal Arts-General Studies, Ogdensburg

Joshua F D'Souza, Computer Information Systems, Winthrop

Joshua L Lashua, Funeral Services Administration, Edwards

Julie A Smoke, Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership, Hogansburg

Justin LaSalle, Sports Management, Canton

Kala L Shope, Health Care Management, Massena

Kari R Frego, Practical Nursing, Norfolk

Kate Rowe, Health Care Management, Hermon

Katelyn M McKinley, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Potsdam

Kelly E Cougler, Criminal Investigation, Canton

Kendra Gilbert, Health and Fitness Promotion, Colton

Kerstin M Massia, Health Care Management, Ogdensburg

Kiana A Coffey, Individual Studies, Hermon

Kiara E White, Applied Psychology, Massena

Kiona S Loran, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Potsdam

Kristine A Furgison, Legal Studies, Canton

Kyle R Brown, Physical Therapist Assistant, Madrid

Kyle S Chen, Game Design and Development, Raymondville

Lacey S Peters, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Hogansburg

Lauren P Truesdell, Liberal Arts-General Studies, Lisbon

Libby Ritchie, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Logan M Green, Legal Studies, Morristown

Luis F Estevez-Breton, Information Technology, Massena

Mackenzie E Harris, Early Childhood Care and Management, Canton

Mackenzie K Smith, undeclared, Massena

Maddison McIntosh, Information Technology, Gouverneur

Madison P Skopeck, Veterinary Technology, Canton

Matthew S Svarczkopf, Homeland Security, Brasher Falls

Megan L Mills, Health Care Management, Ogdensburg

Mia D Jermano, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Massena

Michael Lashomb, Sports Management, Norwood

Michael Perrault, Finance, Canton

Michael P Remington, Electrical Engineering Technology, Potsdam

Nathan A Cota, HVAC Trades, Lisbon

Nathan Rishe, Mechatronics Technology, Ogdensburg

Nicole Holmes, Applied Psychology, Ogdensburg

Nolan D Jacobs, Emergency Management, Hogansburg

Paige Whitton, Sports Management, Richville

Patrick J Dubuque, Agribusiness Management, Chase Mills

Peter A Xanthaky, Electrical Engineering Technology, Canton

Quincie Parker, Applied Psychology, Gouverneur

Rebecca M MacDougall, Physical Therapist Assistant, Colton

Reyna I Amaya, Health Care Management, Cohoes

Rheanne M Fortune, Legal Studies, Ogdensburg

Rian P McFadden, Criminal Justice, Potsdam

Robert Beaudin, Homeland Security, Canton

Roderick Parow, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology, Harrisville

Ruthanne M Middlemiss, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ogdensburg

Ryan F Vollmer, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Ogdensburg

Sara J LaDuke, Health Care Management, Massena

Sarah K Fitzgerald, Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership, Gouverneur

Sarah G Shipman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Canton

Savannah Rathbun, Individual Studies, Hammond

Shane Moyer, Industrial Technology Management, Ogdensburg

Shannon M Abar, Health Care Management, Ogdensburg

Shelbie E Baldwin, Accounting, Potsdam

Sierra Erwin, Veterinary Technology, Lisbon

Stacie G Hale, Applied Psychology, Hermon

Susan L Joslin, Legal Studies, Massena

Susannah L Freeman, Accounting, Potsdam

Sydnee Carroll, Health and Fitness Promotion, Massena

Sydney G Shadle, Early Childhood, Massena

Sydney R Thornhill, Physical Therapist Assistant, Rensselaer Falls

Tanner Lapiene, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Heuvelton

Taylor K VanBrocklin, Criminal Investigation, Canton

Teresa A Burnor, Criminal Justice, Madrid

Thomas M Schofell, Industrial Technology Management, Heuvelton

Tracy A Hefferon, Individual Studies, Hammond

Tristan D Gilmour, Sustainable Energy Technology, Ogdensburg

Ty Reed, Criminal Justice, Gouverneur

Tyler Bowman, Criminal Investigation, Gouverneur

Tyler C Whitmarsh, Criminal Justice, Russell

Victoria Wade, Early Childhood, Gouverneur

Wendy Hadfield, Applied Psychology, Gouverneur

Wesley Bortnick, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Canton

William R Shearer, Legal Studies, Massena

William E Sultzer, Information Technology, Norwood.