N-N Elementary notes UPK, kindergarten, first grade students of the month
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 1:30 pm


NORWOOD -- Norwood-Norfolk Elementary School has recognized UPK, kindergarten and first grade students of the month for February:

Row 1 - R. Wilson, J. Charleson, M. LaFaver, M. White, E. Jay and J. Mullen

Row 2 - Z. Cryderman, L. Burgess, P. Allen, A. Emlaw, A. French and W. Saxby

Row 3 - K. Seidel, L. Toomey, H. Saumier, P. Nolan, H. Durand and J. Barkley

(Missing L. Maslin, J. Bond and B. Gonser)