Clarkson University assistant professor awarded National Science Foundation grant for over $150,000
Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 10:22 am

POTSDAM — Clarkson University assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering Behzad Behnia has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant for more than $150,000.

Behnia was awarded the grant for his project titled, “EAGER: Investigating the Use of Spiral Cracking Pattern in Fracture Characterization of Soft Adhesive Materials.”

“The main objective of this NSF project is to utilize spiral shaped cracking patterns as a powerful diagnostic tool to obtain valuable information about the composition and fracture behavior of soft adhesive materials,” said Behnia.

“It was a great feeling when I heard the good news about this NSF grant,” Behnia said. “Getting NSF funding is very competitive, and I really worked hard for this proposal for more than two years.”

The money from this grant will support one graduate student and two undergraduate researchers for two years.