Clarkson University announces faculty promotions
Friday, July 12, 2019 - 10:51 am

POTSDAM – Clarkson University has announced several faculty promotions.

The university has granted tenure to Ali Boolani and promoted him from assistant professor to associate professor of physical therapy in the School of Arts & Sciences. Boolani concentrates his research on energy and fatigue, and research showing that they are two distinct moods; and on finding better ways to independently measure energy and fatigue, understanding their impact on function, and ways to improve these moods

Christino Tamon has been promoted from associate professor to professor in the Department of Computer Science in the School of Arts & Sciences. His main research interests are in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics, which includes machine learning, quantum computing and algebraic graph theory. Funding for most of his research has been provided by the National Science Foundation, the National Security Agency, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Sulapha Peethamparan has been promoted from associate professor to professor of civil and environmental engineering in the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering. Peethamparan has been a Clarkson faculty member since 2008. Before joining Clarkson, Peethamparan was a post-doctoral engineering scholar at Princeton University. Her research expertise is in the development, characterization, performance evaluation, and modeling of cement-based materials, primarily focusing on developing sustainable infrastructural materials.

Prof. Boolani said, “I love the students at Clarkson. The students in the health sciences are really special. They’re intelligent, mature and so much fun to work with. They challenge me every day to be on top of my game. They ask questions daily and I have to constantly be prepared to answer them. That’s what drives me to come to work every day. They push me to be better by asking me questions that push the envelope of my knowledge.”