Downtown rally in Massena
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 11:36 am

Ashlee Sweeney sent this photo of young people at the Massena Downtown Revitalization Initiative rally on Wednesday. Main Street was blocked off between Andrews and East Orvis streets for the event. Mayor Tim Currier said getting people to show they support the downtown could help the village get a $10 million downtown restoration grant. ‘A key part of the application process is to demonstrate public support for the initiative. So often, leaders in this community have heard from citizens about the need to improve the downtown. This is a chance for citizens to demonstrate that desire, and have their voices heard,’ he wrote in an email. The funding is tied in with round eight of the Regional Economic Development Council competitive grant funding program, which has been dubbed by critics as the 'Hunger Games.' In addition to tens of millions of dollars in grants for a range of favorite regional projects, each of the 10 regions will select one municipality to receive as much as $10 million for a well-documented plan to help with revitalization of downtown neighborhoods. A video of the rally is here.