Prairie Rose Summer and Andris Richard Bjornson
Spring 2011
Monday, May 31, 2010 - 4:26 pm

Prairie Rose Summer and Andris Richard Bjornson, together with their families, happily announce their recent engagement.

Ms. Summer is a 1997 graduate of Hugh C. Williams High School, Canton, and the daughter of Valerie Summer, David Katz, Allan Sirotkin and Cathryn Hayes

She has worked as a journalist as well as with non-profit organizations and the UN in Nepal, Lebanon, Jordan, New York and DC, and is now employed by Equal Access in San Francisco.

Mr. Bjornson is the son of Aija Bjornson of Columbus, Ohio, and the late Richard Bjornson. He has worked with the State Department, is a professional photographer, and is now a project engineer for the non-profit social enterprise Inveneo in San Francisco, California.

They met in Jordan, recently returned from Nepal and are planning a spring wedding in 2011 to continue the adventure.