Potsdam mini golf location hopes to open in October
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 5:31 pm

Photo by Beth Robinson


POTSDAM – Construction at SwingTime Mini Golf, 7965 U.S. Highway 11, is nearing completion and owner Beth Robinson hopes to open the 18-hole North Country themed course before snow flies.

“They are pouring the holes and sidewalks this week and we are waiting on the turf,” she said.

Robinson said she is also waiting on approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT) before she can open to the public. She anticipates opening in early October if things go as planned.

“I would be happy even if we open for a week or for just a few days this year,” she said

Robinson described the theme of the course as a North Country farm setting with rocks and water. The land the course is one was once a farm.

“This is North Country mini golf,” she said.

She says she didn't want the golf course to be too big or flashy and that local contractor Frank Davey has been “incredible to work with.”

Robinson noted the limestone slabs and bridges over water as some of the beautiful features on the course.

“I wanted to keep the work in St. Lawrence County and Frank went above and beyond making it a lot nicer than I ever could of imagined,” she said.

One hole that is becoming a staple in mini golf courses is the ball in the water hole.

Photo by Beth Robinson

Golfers attempt to shoot the ball over a narrow bridge without sides and most of the time the ball will land in the water. Golfers think they've lost their ball only to see that the stream has carried it away and deposited it on the green for their next shot. If the ball lands in the water it is a penalty.

Robinson says she hopes to appeal to everyone from grandparents to people out on date night.

“Going to the movies is great but it’s not interactive,” she said. “Going outside and doing something together as family…I see value in that.”

Prepackaged snacks and beverages will be available.

Next year Robinson plans to have a gazebo built for live entertainment and party purposes. The pad is already in place.

“The music would be low key, acoustic. I am a musician so offering this is important to me,” she said.

SwingTime Mini Golf will open seven days a week next spring once the weather breaks. It is located across from the old WPDM offices between the Wright and Morgan roads.

For more information and updates on exactly when they will open visit https://www.facebook.com/SwingTimeMiniGolf?fref=ts.