Massena teens mentored at NBT bank
Monday, November 12, 2018 - 5:15 pm

Page (far left) and Chevalier (far right) are above with Lifted Out of Poverty students.

MASSENA — Local teens from Lifted Out of Poverty spent some time with NBT Bank Nov. 6 as part of NBT’s Strive Financial Literacy program.

Lifted Out of Poverty is a not-for-profit mentoring program in Massena committed to ending the cycle of poverty for underprivileged girls in 9-12th grades.

NBT Bank of Ogdensburg branch manager Craig Chevalier and NBT Bank of Massena branch manager Amy Page presented to the group of about a dozen girls in 9-12th grades on Tuesday, November 6.

Chevalier and Page shared a story about a young person who spends all of their money without realizing it as well as the long-term implications of that behavior. The students then calculated the long-term costs of daily indulgences and learned how to cut back on frivolous spending to start building savings and get out of poverty.

“Our mission includes giving girls access to a wide variety of mentored experiences,” said April Charleson, Founder and Program Director of Lifted Out of Poverty.

“This financial education partnership with NBT Bank is a perfect fit and the types of programs we like to see for our girls,” said Megan LaPrade, Programming Coordinating Consultant of Lifted Out of Poverty.

“Understanding the importance of saving and the impact of spending decisions at this age are critical skills they will need to master as they work to end poverty,” said Page. “We want to help create a financially strong future generation, and I think incorporating Strive curriculum into Lifted Out of Poverty programs gives these girls a strong foundation for their futures.”

Strive provides in-classroom, in-branch and online financial education to help youth and young adults establish a positive relationship with money, grow their money skills, and navigate personal finance as their financial needs mature.

NBT Bank’s Strive program works with local teachers to help today’s youth grow into financially responsible, independent adults. Since launching the program in 2012, the bank has conducted more than 1,000 presentations to school districts and community groups. More information is available at