Arconic workers join Alcoa union employees in vote to strike if no deal is reached with aluminum business
Friday, June 7, 2019 - 2:09 pm

MASSENA -- United Steelworkers Local 420A members at Arconic have voted to authorize a strike, if necessary.

USW members at Arconic facilities in Davenport, Iowa and Lafayette, Ind. also voted in favor of strike authorization, the union said.

Local 420A Alcoa members also voted recently to authorize a strike, if necessary.

Arconic split from Alcoa as a separate company several years ago.

USW’s news release said “negotiations between the USW and Arconic broke off with the company demanding major economic and non-economic concessions that the union considers excessive and unnecessary.”

USW members have continued to work under the terms and conditions of a contract that was set to expire on May 15, when the USW and Arconic agreed to a temporary extension, subject to termination by either party with 24-hours’ notice, the union said.

“Although we hope to resolve the outstanding issues without a work stoppage, our members have delivered a strong message through their overwhelming support for strike authorization,” International Vice President Tom Conway said in a prepared statement. “We are prepared to fight for the fair contracts we have earned and deserve.”

“Through decades of hard work and personal sacrifice, USW members have made these facilities among the most productive in the world. When bargaining started, we hoped that management would come prepared with proposals that respect these workers’ contributions to the company’s past, current and future success,” Conway’s statement said.

“Instead, Arconic is scheming to extract deep concessions from hourly workers while at the same time orchestrating a $1.5 billion stock buyback designed to reward a few senior executives and short-term investor, Elliott Management, at the expense of practically everyone else associated with the company,” according to Conway’s statement.