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Department of public works crews from across St. Lawrence County have seen a significant increase in frozen water pipes and water main breaks caused by unusually cold temperatures this winter. There were more than 40 reports of frozen water lines in Ogdensburg and Potsdam, at least 35 in Massena and 25 in Canton.

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St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells says cleanups of methamphetamine production sites are on track to surpass last year’s figures. Wells says the recent uptick in meth arrests across St. Lawrence County is due to an increase in the drug’s presence, not police finding more of what was already here.

Do you know of someone who has been affected by methamphetamine?

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33.5% -- Yes

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Want to clean up the crime around here? Deport the illegal immigrants and send convicts back to NYC.

3/2/2015 6:16 AM

I don't know how people can ruin their bodies with drugs! God created man in his own image, don't ruin your bodies! Your body will thank you.

3/1/2015 7:28 PM

Never heard of anyone or seen it myself.

3/1/2015 5:59 PM

Yes I have known people affected. My question is are the drug dealers on public assistance derived from the county or state? I believe if drug screening was mandatory for employment for the most part why isn't eligibility for public assistance? Let's face it the money has to come from some means; as people who are employed wouldn't have the time or availability to do this. This is not going to go away but it's so sad to see St. Lawrence County noted for this. It's time to make some public assistance adjustments as it's not going to solve itself only magnify. Kudos to the police agencies and their fine dedicated work in trying to curtail this but the system needs to curtail the monthly funding that our taxpayers pay unequivocally!

3/1/2015 10:41 AM

I know a family that was affected and this young lady has three children that are now with their grandparents. She is sitting behind bars for being involved in two meth lab raids.

3/1/2015 7:13 AM

Every taxpayer in the county is affected by the cost of the cleanup.What is wrong with the system? The persons that makes the mess should have to pay for the cleanup, Oh no, no, that's too harsh, just keep slapping their hand and probation again, and again and again.

2/28/2015 8:39 PM

It will eventually kill him. His life is ruined.

2/28/2015 6:06 PM

Myself I worry someone will push it on to one of my grandkids. I hope they catch all the drug dealers and lock them up. Even the pot…keep it away from the children and everyone for the good of us all. Lock them all up.

2/28/2015 1:58 PM

I have zero sympathy for these people. There is no excuse for being a junkie, lock them all away and keep them away from our communities.

2/28/2015 11:27 AM

What a stupid drug. Anyone doing it is stupid, anyone making it is more stupid. I see these people on the street or in there cars all the time. They aren't hard to miss. They all look like death warmed over.

2/28/2015 8:09 AM

Legalize weed already.

2/28/2015 7:52 AM

Wake up North Country! Until more economic development comes into the area, there will be a drug problem that will only worsen. People are looking for ways to make quick cash. Don't be an elitist and think that drugs don't have an effect on your life. Your kids will go to school with kids from drug homes. Your ground water will be contaminated. Robberies will rise. This place has the potential to turn into Gotham City.

2/27/2015 10:25 PM

I don't know why people even try meth, knowing what's it made of and what it does to people over time. I guess there is just a lot of stupid people in the world.

2/27/2015 12:12 PM

What happened? Did all the donut shops close down?

2/27/2015 11:58 AM

My cousin's daughter was arrested for smoking it. It is a sad thing to come home and see meth all over St. Lawrence County. Terrible!

2/27/2015 11:55 AM

I think the morons who came out against vaccinations in last week's poll must be on something.

2/27/2015 9:32 AM

Yeah, the drug task-force and the courts, otherwise I would like to say, "who cares, let them get sick and possibly die," but I won't say it.

2/27/2015 7:09 AM

They have been here for a long time, people just choose to ignore the problem…the police included.

2/26/2015 7:19 PM

This area has a serious problem

2/26/2015 6:37 PM

Yes, they look years older than they actually are, their skin looks grey and almost transparent, and they have lost quite a few of their teeth. Terrible drug, stay away from it.

2/26/2015 5:23 PM

It doesn't matter if we know someone or not, we are affected because of what it does to our communities and our children.

2/26/2015 7:48 AM

The ugly dunce and his ugly free-ladies are both doing time.

2/25/2015 7:33 PM

But I'm sure there is a group of people in Canton that could be.

2/25/2015 3:59 PM

You would have to be an idiot to even think about doing meth.

2/25/2015 12:24 PM

I think the St. Lawrence County Drug Task Force and hot line are doing a good job. If you suspect something is going on in your neighborhood, call them. All of our neighbors worked together and supported each other to solve a problem in our neighborhood. We could have not done this without their help.

2/25/2015 9:41 AM

I personally have not known anyone affected by meth, thankfully, but hope anyone who is aware of this horrid drug contact law enforcement. It needs to be eradicated.

2/24/2015 3:14 PM


2/24/2015 2:46 PM

1. I know a couple who rented their former residence to a nice young couple with a baby. The couple split up, the husband stayed and was arrested for making meth there. 2. At the end of my residential road, a house blew up from a fire in the kitchen. A series of small explosions during the fire was noted. Meth is a new type of danger for our police officers, volunteer firefighters, health providers...our community!

2/24/2015 2:41 PM

The whole town of Massena, the town is becoming unsafe because of the meth and other drugs that are being introduced by people who come up from Syracuse.

2/24/2015 1:39 PM

They should be making a publicly available map marking all the locations of methods labs so people can avoid living in or near a past method lab.

2/24/2015 11:43 AM

Heisenberg lives!

2/24/2015 9:38 AM

They need to stop releasing these meth cookers on recognizance and to probation back out into our communities. They make deals with police and prosecutors and continue to deal drugs in the community after making the deals. What's up with that?

2/24/2015 9:31 AM

In Madrid.

2/24/2015 8:43 AM

Are you writing a thesis?

2/24/2015 8:33 AM

I recommend actually locking up criminals, shipping cons back to NYC after their prison term ends and deporting illegal aliens. That would be a start in cleaning up the North Country. Then fund education fully so our children can learn what's right and wrong and not become meth-heads.

2/24/2015 7:46 AM

I do not even know what this stuff is made of and I do not wish to know. Any that do wish to know would probably only have to Google. Wonderful things to be found on there these days!

2/24/2015 7:44 AM

Fortunately I don't know any methamphetamine morons but their use must affect any children that are involved with drastically!

2/24/2015 7:14 AM

It ruined what was left of my friend Walter White’s life.

2/23/2015 10:28 PM

It is the people from NYC who move up here to suck a living from the welfare system that are bringing it this far north. There should be mandated drug testing and an agreement to not have more children while you receive assistance. It was supposed to be a hand up not a life style.

2/23/2015 10:22 PM

At my place of work in Ogdensburg we see users in the store, jumpy and jittery like a chipmunk...sometimes their speech and mannerisms appear out of control. Other times, it's the dark rings below their eyes that give them away. These people become thieves to support their habits, and thereby victimize innocent people. It is a shame that children get exposed to this. The law enforcement community cannot always be there to stop meth habits. Sometimes death by overdose is the result. On rare occasions, help does reach them before they reach their end. What used to be someone else's problem has arrived in our back yards.

2/23/2015 5:42 PM

Know some one affected? Yes, all the citizens of our county or whichever county it's found in. This scourge affects us all, from the souls and families that this drug takes, to the innocent people ripped off from addicts looking to support their habits. To the police and first responders who have to deal with this and who knows what just trying to keep us safe and make it home to their families and let's not forget all the environmental concerns and the toll to clean up after it We all need to be on the lookout to help the authorities to stop as much as they can, before it's totally out of control.

2/23/2015 4:57 PM

Yes, it has quite and effect on them. They look much older, thin, and sickly. Also, I notice lots of missing teeth in some meth users.

2/23/2015 4:02 PM

See meth users everyday on the street; bobbing heads, hands cannot stop moving, etc.

2/23/2015 2:52 PM

Is this a socioeconomic issue or is there an even number of educated, middle-upper middle class people and uneducated working class people involved in this? Somehow I doubt it.

2/23/2015 1:11 PM


2/23/2015 12:43 PM

We all are affected by meth. We all pay for the over time, the clean up, for the childcare when the people making meth have their kids taken away. We need to support law enforcement in their efforts to fight meth, as you can see it can tear a community apart. You need to tell the judge's and DA's that these people need to go to prison. They have no regard for anyone but themselves.

2/23/2015 12:12 PM

Everybody knows somebody who is affected unless they live under a rock. People that do this drug are destined to die so quit now before its too late. Think of your family, they deserve better than a shallow faced family member.

2/23/2015 12:09 PM

Such a beautiful girl whose life is ruined due to addiction. People from the city brought the crap up here and started this mess.

2/23/2015 11:47 AM

It's sad. It's seems so hateful up here especially reading the comments from last weeks question. No wonder people get into drugs or maybe the hateful comments were the sad.

2/23/2015 11:16 AM

Everyone is affected by this drug. Users become sick and need rehab. They steal and sell other people's property to fund the addiction. Nobody is exempt from the affects of this drug or heroin, suboxone, cocaine, crack, any of them.

2/23/2015 10:54 AM

I know more than one from the fumes of a nearby meth lab. Labs were reported too.

2/23/2015 10:29 AM


I don't want to know anyone who's been affected by methamphetamine. I don't do drugs and try really hard not to associate with those that do. Definitely in favor of getting the meth heads off the street, closing down the meth labs, and getting our communities cleaned up.

2/23/2015 9:52 AM

Yes. The poor man's cocaine. It is cheap. The high lasts a long time. With no value in any reasonable venue. Even heroin is used legally in approximately eighty countries, as a pain killer, marijuana for medical needs, psychedelics for PTSD.

2/23/2015 9:33 AM

We all have been affected. We can no longer go purchase Sudafed OTC for a cold without feeling like a criminal. The dollars spent on clean up of meth labs, lawyers, court dates, and jail time are taxing to everyone. Now being discussed, how limiting the purchase of other items used in meth production. Just great make it more difficult for the average working person to be able to unclog a drain or purchase batteries. Arrest them lock them up for 10 years min. No exceptions. Hard and fast consequences for those who break the law. Quit pussy footing around and making it difficult on the good guys!

2/23/2015 9:26 AM

Don't know anyone who does meth, I know lots of folks who use Mary Jane and my closest friends ex went to rehab for hydro, but no one I know does meth.

2/23/2015 8:47 AM

Sister of a friend. Hollow, dark eyes, lot's of problems, no way to live.

2/23/2015 8:22 AM

But if I find out about any I will let out police force know! Great job force!

2/23/2015 7:39 AM