You try sitting in hot car
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 12:14 pm

Regarding the rebuttal last week in reference to animals left in hot vehicles while people shop (“Park Somewhere Else,” Sept. 1-7): What is the point? Do you think your animal enjoys feeling overheated? Purchase an inexpensive thermometer and leave it in your car and check out the temperature when you return to your car. Then get out a good warm jacket that resembles an animal’s fur coat. Put the coat on and sit in your car for a bit. You will have the air conditioning on in a heartbeat. You will be thirsty. Send the dog to do the shopping and you stay in the car. Get a taste of what you subject your beloved pet to when you leave it in a car. It is against the law and it is cruel and neglectful. If you love your pet, leave it at home where it is comfortable and has access to water.