You should refocus
Monday, September 13, 2010 - 1:04 pm

While I see the point of proper clothing for your work setting (“No Workers With Tattoos,” Sept. 8-14), I fail to see how being tattooed or pierced affects a person’s ability to do their job properly. Maybe if this individual has so much free time on their hands they could take a moment to ask the person if their tattoo signifies something special instead of using it to label the person as unworthy of employment. I am a college educated person, I work full time and part time, I raised a child by myself and am currently co-parenting two others. I have done a great deal of volunteering throughout my life. I have 14 tattoos, and each of them is a symbol of someone or something special in my life. My current employers nor any other employer I’ve ever had has criticized me or thought they made me an inferior employee. I hope you rethink and refocus your energy on how you can help out in your community.