Yes, tenants pay
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 7:25 am

In response to “Should Tenants Pay?” I think you misunderstood the other person’s point. The person who owns the home that you rent has to pay for the mortgage, insurance, utilities – all the things listed in the Sound Off you are responding too. On a nicer home, the mortgage is higher, along with potentially higher insurance and property taxes. Therefore, the rent needs to be higher to pay for those things, otherwise the person who owns the home isn’t able to pay those bills. Or are you saying that the landlords should subsidize your living expenses by renting a home to you at a loss to them? Why would anyone do that? I am a renter, saving to buy my own home, and I understand that my landlord needs to charge what he does to cover the expenses for the home. I am sure he makes a small profit, but why shouldn’t he – he took the risk by building the home in the first place. And landlords in the higher rental bracket don’t seem to have much trouble renting – when I was looking for an apartment stuff in higher range didn’t seem to stay listed for long.