Work and kids is possible
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 6:42 am

In response to “Stay Home with Your Kids,” I had a stay at home mom while I was growing up, and it was amazing coming home to fresh baked snacks everyday and having dinnertime together every night. That was also in the 80’s, ya know, when the cost of living was significantly lower. I am employed full time, but first consider myself a full time mom. My children and family come before anything, and for you to insinuate that because I work full time means that I spend minimal amounts of time with my children shows just how ignorant you are. I work to help provide for my children’s futures, I work to show my children that in order to have nice things in life, one must work, and that nothing comes for free. Do I wish I could stay at home with my children? Yes, but that is not practical; it is 2013 after all.


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