Why a plea bargain?
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 6:25 am

In response to news media reports that a Potsdam woman pleads guilty to hit-and-run accident resulting in death netting a one to 15 year sentence: For driving drunk, killing a pedestrian, attempting to hide from the law, and has a total of eight charges against her. And that’s for a plea bargain! Why a plea bargain? Sounds like all the charges stuck. Even if she gets 15 years, she will serve only a portion of her sentence with parole possibilities and she’ll be out driving drunk again. Even sooner if she gets a shorter sentence. She could conceivably spend less than a year behind bars if she gets a one-year sentence. This is not being hard on drunk drivers. My son was hit by a speeding drunk driver years ago, a neighbor was killed by a drunk driver and there are many other reports of the same thing only with death usually as the result.