Why not get certified?
Monday, February 28, 2011 - 2:21 pm

In response to “Teachers Are Greedy” (Feb. 23 – March 1), if teaching is such a great position, and in your eyes, has all these fantastic perks, why don’t you get certified? As a teacher, let me point out your myth’s, which by the way are propelled through society by people like yourself who do not teach. Student loans could be forgiven if you are not making much money, if you are teaching in a low-income district and often that is for a one-year period if you meet very specific requirements.  Teachers do not work half the year, most of the other half is spent preparing for the part where you need plans for every minute of the day when you are teaching. When do you think those plans get made? Not during the school day. I tell my students all the time the way it really is. unless you are okay with about $80,000 in debt for student loans which you most likely will have to pay back every cent, and ready to commit and do very well through six years of university, including getting your Master’s Degree.