Why no protestors in Potsdam?
Friday, September 6, 2013 - 7:07 am

Where are the Potsdam Post Office “Peaceniks?” Where are those individuals that protested the endless Bush wars? Why are they not in force on the Potsdam Post Office corner every Saturday morning? Where is the so-called liberal progressive left protesting the Obama wars/drone wars? Where are you? I say shame on you, what a bunch of hypocrites! This current president is nothing but a crony capitalist accepting the baton of the past president, carrying on perpetual wars and warfare, thereby enslaving the American people. Wake up people, the two party system is nothing but a façade designed to keep us peasants at each other’s throats and distracted. I don’t care what religion, creed color, or political stripe you hail from, there can be no doubt that the two party system and its “powers that be” are in fact, one and the same! Dear Mr. President…please stay out of Syria!