Why no pets allowed in North Country rental properties?
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 7:02 am

In response to “Should Tenants Pay?” I am answering the question…things got away from what I have been trying to say. I understand that landlords have to charge high rent because of certain things they have to carry on their places. But there are some places that are in bad condition that people live in, what can these tenants do? Some are scared to speak up because they could be thrown out in the street. How can they be helped? Why are landlords getting more and more controlling about not letting people have pets? There are a lot of responsible pet owners out there! That makes it even harder for tenants to find an apartment to move to. People are willing to pay a small pet deposit for animals. If everyone that had to move to an apartment had to give up their animals the animal shelters would be really filled up. Please let us have our pets because they are our family!