Why black felt markers?
Monday, November 18, 2013 - 7:18 am

Why has no one called out the St. Lawrence County Board of Elections for the terrible decision to use black felt tip markers in some voting districts (i.e. District 8 in Norwood) that bled through from front to back and reverse, causing the ballots to have extra markings that could cause the ballot to be misread? When I voted in Norwood and pointed it out the attendants, their only response was “Yes we know and that’s what they gave us to use!” Perhaps the media should be investigating this as a possible cause for voting discrepancy. I’d bet Nicole (Duvé) would be glad to find out she could contest the election results if these contaminated ballots were able to be examined and shown to be questionable. It left us feeling like no one cared to get our votes correctly counted, as just because the machine didn’t reject it doesn’t mean it counted the ballot results as intended. Very sad to see such apathy from voting officials; perhaps we need new officials who care to get it right!