Where’s parenting?
Monday, December 13, 2010 - 12:20 pm

In response to “School Fails Son” (Sound Off, Dec. 8-14): Why was living in a tent preferable to living in your home? Did he just have a love for the outdoors? The school’s disciplinary action was suspension. What was yours? Did you provide him with appropriate behavioral conditioning? Perhaps there was a flaw in your negative reinforcement that made him think that he needed to get out of your home at all costs. An adolescent’s behavior strongly relies on the nurture given to them during their developmental stages. If there was a flaw in your system, your child is most likely flawed psychologically. If you believe that his peers are to blame for his unorthodox behavior, this is an example of preferred environment that is also conditioned throughout childhood. A lot of kids are college bound. Some just aren’t college material. I’m no professor, but your situation seems pretty obvious to me.