Where is the line in dealing with school threats?
Friday, October 18, 2013 - 8:01 am

In response to “Threat Overblown,” where do you draw the line? I understand that people get upset and say things they don’t always mean but this is a school with young children, one being my five-year-old daughter. I for one am happy with the way the school handled this situation. We have to have procedures on how to protect our kids, teachers, and staff. How do you know he was just kidding or if the next person that makes the same comment isn’t really kidding? It is a sad state we live in now, but you just can’t for one second think that everyone is kidding or is just spouting off. I commend Mr. Jenne and the school for taking the right path and not dismissing comments made because next time they may not just be comments. Thank you for protecting our kids!