Where is justice?
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 1:02 pm

Where is the justice in St. Lawrence County? Where an accomplice buries a murdered teen on their property and gets nothing, but an order of protection for him and his family. So the accomplice can hide the fact that he has a murdered teen that he helped to bury on his property for nearly two years.  Then become a rat, with no repercussion as an accomplice to murder. Now that is justice in St. Lawrence County. Aren’t we proud to live here and feel so safe with all these criminals running around with Orders of Protection.  That certainly leaves our county open for anyone to do such atrocities and get away with it.  Now in St. Lawrence County, a murder suspect with proof of murder on a voice recorder is out on bail. Who was justified in even granting him bail and who was justified in giving an accomplice to murder an order of protection, not an order to be put in jail?  Come to St. Lawrence County where you can murder someone and stay out of jail, but don’t get caught with drugs, because you’ll be in without bail!