Where to cut at Potsdam Central School?
Friday, April 19, 2013 - 2:11 pm

As important as music and other departments are in Potsdam Central School, it is important for readers to recognize the cuts to other departments in the past have been disastrous. For example, when the news reported previously that there was a .5 business position cut, what the public failed to realize was that this was the entire department. Potsdam Central School has no business department and yet Potsdam prides itself on preparing students for college. The current most popular major in college is business. Potsdam Central School prides itself on preparing its students for life after high school. The one program designed specifically for this task? Family Consumer Sciences also, known as Home Economics or Home & Careers. Potsdam’s Family Consumer Sciences Department is only a .5 position, taught at the Junior High School.  At last count, the music department has at least five positions. There seems to be an inequity between how many students we are preparing for music careers versus business careers or just life. Potsdam Central offers electives in Tech. via 2 positions, preparing students to build houses no one is able to buy in the future economy. Although, all of these programs are valuable, I would like to point out this gross inequity and short sightedness.