Wheelchairs forgotten
Friday, December 31, 2010 - 9:57 am

I recently was shopping at a local department store. I completely understand that due to the holiday season that stock is over flowing for the purpose of profit. However I am confined to a wheelchair and I got stuck between two racks of clothing that were placed too close together. My chair could not move forward nor backward without tipping at least one or both racks on myself or others. I looked around for assistance but could not summon any employee help. Eventually a young shopper walked by and graciously helped me get uncaught from the racks. I would just like to remind the managers that even though you would like to stuff as many items as you can into the store, please be considerate of wheelchair bound people and the hazards that we have to face while shopping. Try riding around and between the aisles while putting out your items to make sure not only walking people have room but also wheel chair users especially clothing racks. I guess for my own safety, I have to shop from home from now on.