What is going on at Massena Central?
Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 3:44 pm

What on Earth is going on with the Massena school district and its leaders? You know, I’ve been watching the reporting as well as the rumors going on over this past year or so, not really paying all too close attention, or taking any sides. I’m not as involved with the district as I probably should be, but I have three daughters, all of whom have graduated from the district, and a fourth currently enrolled. It does not make me too comfortable or happy hearing allegations of sexism, retaliation, and harassment in a school my daughter is enrolled in. And to learn that the School Administrators Association of New York State has taken on this case. I did a quick look at their web-site, and according to them, their mission statement is in “Supporting school leaders as they build a brighter future for New York’s students”, and Ms. Yeager’s representative from SAANYS, Mr. Scheuermann, is their lead General Counsel. I also know from professional experience that it is also a high burden of proof standard for the New York State Division of Human Rights to hear and take on a case or become involved. I believe in due process, but I have to say, if the allegations are proven true through this action, even some of them, as outlined in the reporting, I’m gonna tell you, I’m not too happy of a taxpayer and parent, and I wish Ms. Yaeger the sincerest best of wishes for a positive outcome.