What about horse waste left on the road?
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 2:25 pm

Some of us in the Village of Norwood are appreciative to see local residents picking up the waste after their dogs but we are dismayed to stroll along the streets and encounter all the Amish horse manure left scattered around town, especially downtown, near Perry’s Market, and now out at the boat ramp. If we have such expectations for dog owners, why do we not have similar expectancies for horse owners? The piles are so much worse and the flies and other vermin drawn to this blight continue to increase. A big “thank you” to the livestock owners in the Norwood July 4th parade for picking up after their animals, but why can’t others do this as well? We live next to a river and all this waste runs right into the Raquette if not cleaned up. And where are the village street crews, still picking up bags of leaves and clippings? How about the Norwood police writing tickets for the waste offenders?