What about fathers?
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 6:59 am

In response to “Stay Home with Your Kids,” many parents, including fathers, would love to stay home and raise their children for the first six years of that child’s life. Economic realities, particularly in this impoverished area, realistically do not allow for parents the choice of being “stay at home” mothers or fathers. To assert working parents are dong so simply to provide additional material goods for their children is ludicrous: food, clothing and shelter are basic necessities of life. Are fathers incapable of providing nurturing, unconditional love and secure attachments to their children simply by the presence of a Y chromosome? The inherent “mommy” bias underlying your premise does a disservice to all “working parents” and underscores the myth of the disposable father. Omitting the fathers continues to relegate fathers to non-existent entities inherently lacking agency, skills and necessity in a child’s life. Please bear in mind we need our fathers as well as our mothers, and not purely for their economic contribution alone.


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