Watch how Canton School Disrict spends
Friday, April 19, 2013 - 2:09 pm

Now is the time to let your vote speak loud and clear. Canton Central School district has lost over 40 positions and many programs for our kids, with more slated program cuts being proposed at the out start in planning this year’s school budget. Meanwhile, with the resignation of an administrator, $100,000 is up for consideration. Should it go toward a principal’s position or toward programs for our kids? There are board members who would like to deem these vital resources for another administrator, including the Superintendent and BOE President. The fact is your child’s education has been put on the chopping block time and time again, while administration has been literally unscathed, having only lost a stipend of approximately $6,000 to pay a dean of students. This is a crossroad…watch what the board proposes to us as taxpayers carefully. Increased taxes to a point less of requiring a super majority vote have already been voiced. Stay tuned, be aware, and vote.